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Muscott's Painting offers comprehensive residential painting services from start to finish, from our customized quotes to our free color consulting services. Our highly trained craftsman and precise job management skills make your house painting experience hassle-free.


Muscott;s Painting is a full-service contractor that fulfills the visions of homeowners, architects, interior designers, and other specialists with a range of painting services, including specialty finishes and artistic painting techniques.


Home is a place of comfort and refuge, a place for guests and entertaining, and a creative palette that reflects your personality, tastes, and values. Discerning homeowners and upscale clients throughout the Northern Michigan area trust their homes to Muscott's Painting. 


On the exterior of your home, an excellent paint job means elegance and beauty, but it also does much more; paint is a barrier against the elements that attack the integrity of your home. Muscott's Painting is highly experienced and thoroughly knowledgeable. The professional painters at Muscott's Painting use only the best paints and techniques, and pay careful attention to every detail. 


Our qualified house painters possess the necessary skills for proper surface preparation, and understand the broad range of paint and coating varieties. Our skilled and accredited professionals can diagnose and solve the unique challenges of each project. 

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